MILEIQ App – Are you familiar with it? It’s the easiest and most user-friendly app to track an individual’s mileage. Let’s take a look at why this app has remained at the top of the App Store sales charts and why over 15,900 users have rated it 4.3 stars on Google Play.

Automatic Detection
MILEIQ tracks every mile you drive automatically. Through the use of your cell phones GPS location services, automatic drive detection makes it easy to capture every mile you drive.


Drive Classification with one swipe.
MILEIQ stores data recorded from all of your trips and subsequently allows you to classify them as business, personal, medical, charity or any custom category you wish by simply swiping left or right on your device. Additionally, the app allows you to log any additional details you need for reporting mileage expenses to your employer or deducting mileage on your tax return.

Personalization is Key
With MILEIQ you can add the vehicles, purposes and locations that define your driving. It also allows for editable mileage rates & units, work hours & custom drive purposes.

Robust Reporting
MILEIQ creates monthly reports that compile your complete drive history and is stored securely in the cloud. This makes it easy to provide accurate, detailed mileage logs at tax time.

Cost To You
You can download MILEIQ for free from the App Store or Google Play. The free version gives you 40 drives each month. If 40 drives isn’t enough, you can have unlimited drives for $5.99/month or $59.99 annually, which could be deductible on your taxes.

A Few Drawbacks
There were a few drawbacks I noticed with the MILEIQ app. First, it does have an impact on your battery life and data usage. The biggest drawback I noticed was that I have had a couple trips where there was a slow down in traffic and one trip was recorded as two, breaking at the point where there was a traffic slowdown (though never stopped). However, if you are stopped at a train or street cable crossing, which can take 5+ minutes, or a traffic diversion due to work crews or accidents, again your single trip could be classified as 2 to 3 trips, depending on what’s happening on the road.


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