Tis the Season of Cheer….and Scammers!

This week is National Tax Security Awareness Week. It’s a good time to refresh your security awareness. Many people spend time on their computers buying gifts, gathering year end tax information, and making other financial transactions. We wanted to remind you of a few tips to keep your information safe!

  • Always be sure to use security software – firewalls and anti-virus protection from reputable software providers are a must!
  • Recognize phishing emails, phone calls and texts. Often these scammers use scare tactics – threats of lawsuits or arrest are signs of a scammer! Never give out sensitive information (your social security number, bank or credit card information) to someone saying they’re calling from your financial institution, the IRS, or otherwise.
  • Keep your sensitive information in a safe place. Don’t carry your social security card in your wallet, keep tax records in a safe and secure place. Never leave purses or wallets in your vehicle, especially in plain sight!
  • Never email sensitive documents, especially those containing social security numbers. (Hint – BakerStarrett, has a secure portal you can use to send documents to us safely!)

As always, thanks for reading! We wish you and yours a safe, and joyous holiday season!

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