Taxes and QuickBooks

At BakerStarrett we make it a priority to help our clients get set up with more efficient ways to keep record of everything for their business. In most cases, we recommend QuickBooks, with a guarantee that you will always be able to call, or even set up an appointment with one of our 5 Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors in our office to help you with any questions you may have. We even offer full bookkeeping services for those of you who would rather have someone take care of the accounting for you.

With tax season here, we as accountants and tax preparers are often reminded why it is essential to keep a clean set of books for yourself and your business. Here are 3 reasons why we feel QuickBooks is one of the best options!

  1. QuickBooks is a great business tool that can help keep your books clean for you and your tax preparer with the ability to use bank feeds, which means you can have all of your transaction details downloaded into QuickBooks from your bank account.
  2. If using QuickBooks Online, you can access it anywhere that you have internet! This makes it convenient for you, your employees, and your accountant to do daily data entry whenever and wherever they are. 
  3. QuickBooks allows you to reconcile your accounts to match your bank statement so there are no discrepancies at the end of each month and year. Along with being able to reconcile, you can also pull reports on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis to see where your business is sitting and how profitable you are.

If you are interested in QuickBooks, or need any help feel free to give us a call!

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