Bank Connection fighting you again…

Are you getting a message saying that you need to update your bank connection every time you change your password with your financial institution?  Maybe even more often?  There is good news.  QuickBooks Online is working on changing the way it connects to banks.  As a result this will create  faster and more reliable connections.  In addition, it will also allow you to stay up to date with your account transactions. They are working with financial institutions to get everyone switched over to the new connection.  However, it’s a work in progress and right now there are select few that are set up with this new connection. They are Bank of America, Capital One, Chase Bank, Citi, & Wells Fargo.  More will be coming soon.

If you see an error on your banking page, it is suggested to log in to QuickBooks Online (not the Desktop app) through a supported browser and use the banking feature to enter your credentials for the financial institution.  

If you are having troubles logging in, please contact your QuickBooks Pro Advisor to help.  What, you don’t have one?  Here at BakerStarrett, our own QuickBooks Pro Advisors are ready to help with any questions you may have.

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