All my tax documents were delivered electronically! What is the best way to get them to BakerStarrett?

Many educational and financial institutions prompt students and customers to receive their tax documents electronically. While electronic delivery saves on paper and mailing costs, it requires additional steps from you, the taxpayer. Below are a few pointers on how to efficiently get these electronic tax documents to your tax team at BakerStarrett, LLP.

  • Log in to your financial institution accounts and locate the tax center, or tax documents area of the website. If you have accounts at multiple banks (Grinnell State Bank, GreenState Credit Union, etc.), or investments at various brokerage houses (Fidelity, Charles Schwabb, Vanguard, etc.), log in to each of these accounts.
  • Download or Print: Decide on how you will process the tax documents delivered electronically
    • If you prefer to print the tax documents, place them in the “tax folder” along with your other tax documents and tax organizer.
    • If you download electronic copies of these documents, you can upload them to the BakerStarrett, LLP Client Portal. It is located in the top right corner of the website. Call us at 641-236-8083 if you would like a portal or need help accessing your existing portal. Here is a 90 second video detailing how to upload documents to the portal: 

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