I filed my Individual 2019 tax return, what’s next?

You’ve signed your individual tax return along with the authorization forms allowing BakerStarrett LLP to electronically file your tax returns. You’re done right? That depends on if your tax return shows a refund or amount due.

If you owe

While you can mail a check to submit your tax payment, you can also pay online using the DirectPay option on the IRS Website: https://www.irs.gov/payments/direct-pay. Direct Pay requires you to know your bank account number and bank’s routing number. You can also schedule a payment for up to 30 days in advance with Direct Pay. 

If you are expecting a refund

You can usually expect a federal tax refund within 21 days of electronically filing your return. The Internal Revenue Service provides an easy way to check the status of your refund here https://www.irs.gov/refunds or through the IRS2Go App on your phone. Also note that Congress mandated that refunds that include certain tax credits can only be issued starting the first week of March.

Iowa refunds can take between 30 and 45 days. You can check the status of your Iowa refund here: https://www.idr.iowa.gov/wheresmyrefund/ 

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